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I ain't even dead.

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 2, 2013, 6:46 PM

Well, whaddya know? I’m alive! Ha, incredible. 

It's been months since I last was active on dA. I've gotten a ton of notes in my absence (you guys are super sweet), wondering what I've been doing, when I'm posting more art, and/or if I am dead. So, I figured I'd drop in and update you guys! I’m still doing art (more than ever before, actually) and have really just been too busy to do much here. I apologize for that (not that you were left on the edge of your seats; you are all busy with your own lives, I’m sure!)

The past months at school were out of this world. Wonderful and hectic. I've been working hard in animation/illustration classes, which have required a ton of drawing and storyboarding and designing and writing. I absolutely hated getting up at 6 every morning to go to class and draw for hours and hours, and it was tough to be constantly pushed out of my artistic comfort zone, but I've improved so much because of it. I've done hundreds and hundreds of drawings, to the point where I wouldn't even know where to start if I tried to upload them all! But since I’m back home for my summer break, I’ll try my best to show you guys some of the newer stuff I've been working on.

I've been working full-time as a designer and illustrator, which has been seriously cool. It’s great to be able to do work in the professional arena and dip my toes into the industry. I have so, so much to learn! Initially that realization terrified me (and occasionally it still does), but now, it excites me much more than it scares me.

Doing art for school, work, and leisure has a way of driving you to burn-out. A lot of days it definitely feels like a chore. But I've had an excellent diversion! Since January, I've been performing stand-up comedy with a comedy crew called Humor U. Not only is it the most fun ever, it’s totally changed my world and led me to dozens of new friendships. I’ll link to some videos of my shows sometime!

Anyhow—now that I’m home for the summer, I’m focusing on honing some of my personal art, hiking, biking, and just enjoying time off. I love being outside in the sun every day instead of cooped up in a studio, haha. However, I will try to have some discipline and update here more frequently!

(Wow, clearly I am still as long-winded as ever and totally unable to write just a brief update. Comforting to know that some things never change.)


Still Alive by CalamityChemist

❤ Jen

P.S. What are you all up to these days? I’d love to hear about it!


Artist | Student | Film & Animation
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I'm Jenna. I'm just a college kid, studying animation and illustration.
I like being outside.
Sometimes I draw pictures.
Sometimes I just lay on my face instead.
Do not fear me--I'm a friendly.
I love you. ❤
If you never compared me to Tim Burton, I would think that was pretty radical.

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Hello Calamity! I know it's been a LONG TIME< but I was wodnering if you were still on? Alot's changed on deviantart!
SWtaervdesn Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2015
Dammit! I feel terrible for not saying this sooner, but happy birthday Calamitychemist! I am a dummy! 
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happy b day
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Happy Birthday! :boing: :squee: :cake: :squee: :boing:
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Happy birthday :D
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Happy Birthday ^^
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Happy Birthday!
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happy early birthday, if you're still on...
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You have a lovely gallery! :)
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